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Песни ядерного века - Atomic Playlist обнаружился, лучшее из лучшего:
“Music for a Rainy Day of Fallout”:

Peace in Our Time, Big Country
Forty Years, Joe Jackson
Generals and Majors, XTC
Evil Empire, Joe Jackson
Overkill, Men at Work
It’s a Mistake, Men at Work
Russians, Sting
The Envoy, Warren Zevon
It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), R.E.M.
Eve of Destruction, Barry McGuire
Two Suns in the Sunset, Pink Floyd
King of The World, Steely Dan
The Arrival of the Bomb and Count Down, Goldfinger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1999, Prince
Ronnie Talk to Russia, Prince
Had a Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy), Roger Hodgson
Prince of Darkness, Indigo Girls
Land of Confusion, Genesis
Before the Deluge, Jackson Browne
World War III, Dos Gringos
Political Science, Randy Newman
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe, The Clash
Red Skies, The Fixx
Pop Goes the World, Men Without Hats
Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Bruce Cockburn
Leningrad, Billy Joel
Everyday is Like Sunday, Morrissey
Shout, Tears For Fears (actually written as a protest against the Pershings/GLCMs)
Who’s Next?, Tom Lehrer
Two Tribes (For the Victims of Ravishment), Including the Last Voice, Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Give Blood, Pete Townshend
James Bond Averts World War Three, You Only Live Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
99 Luftballoons, Nena

А там у них еще и итоги конкурса...
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А вот эта версия мне раньше не попадалась:
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